Korean Publisher!

Black Desert Online has been officially picked up by a Korean publisher! Now that BDO is signed on to a publishing contract with DAUM Communications, the Korean release is confirmed and the game… Continue reading


If you’re curious about the Tamer class, look no further! This post will collect all the available information on Tamers. Names: 테이머, Tamer Race: Human Gender: Female Only Archetype: Summoner, Pet Class


Want to know more about the Predator class? This post will provide a collection of information on everything to do with Predators. Basic Info Names*: 자이언트, Predator, Beast, Giant Race: Giant Gender: Male… Continue reading

Castle Sieging

Siege warfare is one of the most highly anticipated features of Black Desert Online. Large-scale PvP will invite hundreds of players to come and battle. Armies of up to 400 vs 400 will… Continue reading


PvP fiends, fear not: there will be plenty of action in Black Desert Online. So far, three different PvP systems have been revealed. You’ll be able to compete in random ganking, guild vs… Continue reading


Q: Are there any plans on releasing dungeons or any raid instances in this game? A: Yes, there is! We are planning on a various kinds of dungeons in this game. We will… Continue reading

Gender Locking

Two of Black Desert’s five classes will be gender-locked, with three left open. There also may or may not be race-locks. All information on this topic is subject to change. Gender-locks are confirmed,… Continue reading


Black Desert Online will feature five playable races. They are designed to fit into the Medieval European aesthetic of the game. The five races are Human, Elf, Giant, Dwarf, and Hobbit. The first… Continue reading


Will Black Desert Online become a great roleplaying game? In this article, I’ll discuss some of BDO’s features which will appeal to roleplayers and lore addicts. From Steparu’s interview with Kim Daeil of… Continue reading


Black Desert Online features a seamless and immersive world, with incredible scenery and vast, sweeping landscapes. It’s also designed to maximize players’ interaction with the world surrounding them. BDO carries many sandbox elements,… Continue reading