Black Desert Online


Black Desert Online is an action combat MMO. Currently in development with Pearl Abyss, it is set for release in late 2013. Catch up on everything you need to know in this post!

Have you only just begun following Black Desert Online? You’ve come to the right place. My goal with this blog is to provide the most complete English source of news, information, and leaks on BDO. Let’s get you started with some quick information on the game.

Name: Black Desert Online. “BDO” if you’re feeling lazy.
Developer: Pearl Abyss. Pearl Abyss is a new Korean-English company, founded to create BDO.
Publisher: Black Desert Online will have multiple publishers. So far, it is being published by GameOn Japan and Daum Communications Korea. It is also seeking publishers for the North American and European regions.
Release Date: Betas planned for spring 2013, with full release scheduled for late 2013.
Official Website: The official website is, but it is rather new and empty. You’ll find much more on Pearl Abyss’s Official Facebook Page.

Art Style: European fantasy. Don’t let the Asian chick in the header image fool you – BDO has more of a “knights, elves, and castles” aesthetic.
Combat: Action combat. BDO will feature active dodging and aiming, similar to Tera, C9, and Dragon Nest.
Payment Model: Unknown.

With the basic stuff out of the way, let’s get into a little FAQ.
Q: When is beta?
A: BDO’s beta plans are rather ambiguous at the moment. Beta is planned for “the first half of 2013”. As of September 27th, 2012, development was about 65% complete. Source: 4Gamer Interview

I wonder how much that is the current development progress?
Mr. Kim:
Now it is around 65%. For the main content, it is a state that is almost finished.

Q: Is Black Desert in English?
A: The developers are planning on releasing an English version. However, no North American or European publishers have picked up the game yet.

Q: What makes this game special?
A: Black Desert’s combat system is what mainly draws my interest. I knew I wanted to play it as soon as I saw the active dodging in the GStar 2012 trailer! Action combat truly makes everything about the game more exciting and engaging. BDO will also have features to appeal to both casual and hardcore players. The developers have been rather hush-hush, but they have mentioned a robust housing system, multi-party raid dungeons, and massive castle siege warfare.