Gender Locking

Two of Black Desert’s five classes will be gender-locked, with three left open. There also may or may not be race-locks. All information on this topic is subject to change.

Gender-locks are confirmed, via this Facebook post.

We guarantee that we will make other genders of fighter/ranger/sorceress.

You can see that no mention was made of Predators or Tamers. So presumably, they will be gender-locked.

Race-locks are speculation at this point. So far, we have only seen five unique playable characters total, one for each class. It seems that each class has a “mascot character” and you’ll see that one face popping up in every screenshot. You can see them in the Classes page. Pearl Abyss has not said anything on the topic of race-locking. Right now, this is a list of confirmed races and genders for each class – not a final list.


  • Male or Female
  • Elf


  • Male or Female
  • Human


  • Male only
  • Giant


  • Male or Female
  • Human


  • Female only
  • Human