Castle Sieging


Siege warfare is one of the most highly anticipated features of Black Desert Online. Large-scale PvP will invite hundreds of players to come and battle. Armies of up to 400 vs 400 will battle for control of regions.

Please tell us about the siege, which is one of the points of this work then. What are the goals of the siege?

Mr. Kim:
You will be able to dominate the region and win the siege. Raised, such as taxes and price of the product in each region will be carried out in order to compete siege interests.

Source: 4Gamer Interview (Googled translated).

Players can take the initiative to attack in whichever manner suits their strategy. Not only pushing and pulling around the main gate – players can also attack with artillery, put pressure on the side gates, or rush over the main walls using ladders. These actions can be used to create a diversion or to attempt a different style of attack. Cannons can also be moved to new locations, although the movement speed is rather slow.
The defending army can also choose from a variety of tactics. Players can open and close the castle gates whenever they feel the timing is perfect. They can also destroy enemy cannons, and utilize barricades.
Players can resurrect if they die during a siege, but it will take longer and longer to resurrect after multiple deaths.


Cannons, ladders, barricades, and artillery are all created using player crafting professions. The armies must work together to build their supplies, then slowly wheel their cannons into position. There is no particular profession which is dedicated solely to crafting siege supplies; rather, each profession can create different components of the siege weaponry.

In addition, players can hire NPC mercenaries to fight alongside their army.



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