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Q: Are there any plans on releasing dungeons or any raid instances in this game?
A: Yes, there is! We are planning on a various kinds of dungeons in this game. We will have a lot of solo and party dungeons that are very challenging. We are also working on raid dungeons that will require a bigger party.

Quote taken from Steparu’s interview with Kim Daeil. 19 September 2012.

The open, seamless world of Black Desert Online will feature a few different types of dungeons. As you can see in the above quote, solo, party, and raid dungeons are in the works. While adventuring, you may also discover small open-world dungeons – little Caves – tucked away in rock formations or behind dense thickets.


Thisisgame.com revealed a few teaser images from some dungeons.

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You should also take another look at the official Trailer. At 2:50, it begins displaying some of the biggest and nastiest bosses in the game.


The largest boss of them all is the mighty Keujakara! He may even be a raid boss. He is mentioned in this Japanese interview:

It is such a party or guild siege, warfare and Reidobosu. Huge monster that came out in the second half of the movie is Reidobosu.

It sounds kind of silly, but try saying “Reidobosu” out loud. That’s “raid boss” in a Japanese accent! The Japanese often appropriate English slang terms and use them as their own. I can’t confirm this – someone who is fluent in Japanese please confirm yes/no.

Here’s a quick peek at the draft version of BDO’s party UI. It’s a work-in-progress. Note that this is a photograph taken of a computer screen, hence the poor quality.