Want to know more about the Predator class? This post will provide a collection of information on everything to do with Predators.

Basic Info
Names*: 자이언트, Predator, Beast, Giant
Race: Giant
Gender: Male Only
Archetype: Melee DPS

*Multiple names are given due to the temporary nature of the translation. Some sources translate the name differently.


This article reveals a bit more about the Predator class; it puts a particular focus on the Predators’ transformation skills.

The Predator is normally seen on the battlefield wielding two axes, leaping about chaotically with his jumping strike attacks, and overwhelming his enemies with a flurry of blows. But he can unleash even more destructive power by transforming himself, taking the form of a beast to attack ferociously with his bare hands.

Not missing a moment, the Beast transformation keeps up the upbeat and fast tempo of the Predator’s dual axe attacks. Reminiscent of a werewolf, he quickly rushes his enemies, striking with both front paws in a fearsome display of prowess.




Also, refer back to this trailer to see a quick video of the Predator in action, beginning at 1:43.