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PvP fiends, fear not: there will be plenty of action in Black Desert Online. So far, three different PvP systems have been revealed. You’ll be able to compete in random ganking, guild vs guild, and castle sieges.

First, let’s talk about random ganking. The details on this system are rather fuzzy at the present moment. The developers are still in the decision-making process. What we do know is…

  • There will be open-world PvP.
  • It will be neither carebear nor hardcore. The developers want to find a middle ground.
  • You will drop items upon death, but you cannot drop your soulbound gear.

There are no details released on the guild vs guild system yet. I simply know that it exists. Not much else.

The main focus of BDO’s PvP is massive castle siege warfare. Sieging will demand tactical play and excellent coordination. Some players will man the artillery cannons – aiming and shooting to strike where the enemy’s defences are weak. The defenders’ cavalry must dive in to interrupt the cannons. Hundreds of infantry soldiers will battle the opposing armies.


You can read more about the castle siege system in the Siege page.