Korean Publisher!


Black Desert Online has been officially picked up by a Korean publisher! Now that BDO is signed on to a publishing contract with DAUM Communications, the Korean release is confirmed and the game is on its way. Black Desert is now officially being published in two regions – Japan and Korea – and is planning to find additional publishers for North America and Europe.

Source: Inven Webzine & Pearl Abyss Facebook

So, who is Daum Communications? You can check out their website here: Daum.net They are another free-to-play mega publisher, similar to GameOn Japan, who is BDO’s Japanese publisher. They can also be compared to Nexon and gPotato. Daum’s most notable MMORPG titles are RaiderZ, Queens Blade, DK Online, and Rohan.

It’s looking pretty likely that BDO will be free-to-play in both Japan and Korea, although that is not confirmed yet. It should be noted that Black Desert Online may not end up being free-to-play in other regions, though, according to this quote:

Question:This Game will be Pay to Play? :D
Pearl Abyss:Well, It’s up to our (future) publisher’s policy.

Source: Pearl Abyss Facebook Page