About this blog:
This blog was created to collect information and news on the upcoming MMO, Black Desert Online. I am a single individual, with too much free time, running this blog out of personal interest. I have no official affiliations with Pearl Abyss or any of BDO’s publishers. I’m just… well, me!

About Black Desert Online:
This post of mine is probably your best starting point if you are completely new to Black Desert. Hopefully, it can answer a few of your most basic questions about the game. You can find much more detailed information on specific topics in either of my two formats.

Pages: These are listed along the top header bar of the site. You probably got to this Page by clicking “About” on the top bar! Pages contain information and previews on game features and systems.

Posts: Posts can be found underneath the banner on the front page. They’re the ones with the weird layout and all the pictures. Posts usually contain more recent information and news on the game. You can also use the Search bar and Tags with my Posts – you can find these functions to the right-side of any Post.