If you’re like me, you’ve found yourself addicted to action combat games. It’s just impossible to go back to boring old tab target after you’ve had a taste of real combat! Well, I have good news for you: Black Desert Online will feature an action combat system!

For the uninitiated, I’ll explain what exactly I mean by “action combat”.

Most popular MMO titles, such as World of Warcraft, Rift, and Guild Wars 2, have what is called a “tab target” or “point and click” combat system. You click on the mob, then press your ability keys. Simple. “Action combat” or “non-targetting” games bring a lot more excitement and immersion to MMOs. With these games, you must utilize quick reflexes to aim your abilities and dodge enemy attacks. You don’t just simply sit there and soak up damage – you must maintain constant awareness to evade boss attacks before they have the chance to hit you. You don’t just click the boss and press 1 2 3 4 – you have to actively aim your abilities, and outsmart your enemies’ attempts to escape you.

Tera, C9, Vindictus, and Dragon Nest also feature action combat systems. Blade & Soul is a hybrid between tab target and action combat.

Want a sneak peek of Black Desert Online’s action combat system? Check out the GStar 2012 trailer below.

While you won’t be able to see any actual gameplay footage yet, you can spot the Sorcerer character executing an evasive roll at 1:47 in this trailer.


This screenshot shows a Fighter player blocking an enemy attack. This image is from a collection of in-combat screenshots, seen in this gameplay review from a Korean gaming site. The reviewer describes the action combat of BDO as “thrilling”, “dynamic”, and “similar to action console games”. Aww, man. Lucky game reviewers have had the chance to test out this game, and they didn’t post gameplay footage?! :)


Another interesting aspect of Black Desert’s combat is mounted combat. Whaaat, mounted combat?! We haven’t really seen any of that in recent MMO releases, but it looks like oodles of fun in BDO. Scroll back up to that trailer and check out the footage at 1:26. Little miss Legolas here is shooting those mobs full of arrows while doing some freakin’ Tokyo Drift maneuvers on her horse. PearlAbyss talks about mounted combat a little more in this Facebook post. Apparently, mounted combat in BDO is similar to controlling an automobile.