At the present moment, very little information on crafting has been released. We know that it exists, and there are five professions, but not which professions one can take. It seems that players may only choose one profession, although this is up to interpretation.

You can customize your characters looks and gears. and can have class, job(a kind of trade skill)

This quote taken from a Facebook post.

Crafting will play a role in castle siege PvP. Players must craft cannons, ladders, barricades, and artillery to use in battle. This interview with 4Gamer discusses a lot of details of the Siege system, and mentions how crafting will play into that. It also seems to be saying that there are a total of five professions, and players can choose four of them? I am unclear on that though.

We also know that some areas will have rare materials that you can’t find anywhere else, or the materials are cheaper and easier to obtain. Some regions would be rich in iron, for example.