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Q: Are there any plans on releasing dungeons or any raid instances in this game?
A: Yes, there is! We are planning on a various kinds of dungeons in this game. We will have a lot of solo and party dungeons that are very challenging. We are also working on raid dungeons that will require a bigger party.

Quote taken from Steparu’s interview with Kim Daeil. 19 September 2012.

The open, seamless world of Black Desert Online will feature a few different types of dungeons. As you can see in the above quote, solo, party, and raid dungeons are in the works. While adventuring, you may also discover small open-world dungeons – little Caves – tucked away in rock formations or behind dense thickets.


Thisisgame.com revealed a few teaser images from some dungeons.

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You should also take another look at the official Trailer. At 2:50, it begins displaying some of the biggest and nastiest bosses in the game.


The largest boss of them all is the mighty Keujakara!

Here’s a quick peek at the draft version of BDO’s party UI. It’s a work-in-progress. Note that this is a photograph taken of a computer screen, hence the poor quality.