Check out the official trailer for Black Desert Online in this post! This trailer features incredible graphics, and quick teasers of some of the game content. Brief snapshots of each class’s combat style… Continue reading


If you’re like me, you’ve found yourself addicted to action combat games. It’s just impossible to go back to boring old tab target after you’ve had a taste of real combat! Well, I… Continue reading


Black Desert Online features a pretty standard selection of classes. You’ll see the familiar cast of characters here, with two exceptions. There are no stealth classes or healer classes in BDO. Phasing out… Continue reading

Japanese Release Confirmed

On September 7th, 2012, Japanese game publisher GameOn Japan officially picked up Black Desert Online as their newest project! This means that BDO is definitely being released in Japan; the release date is… Continue reading

The Beginning

Ah, here I am. Starting another foreign MMO blog. And here you are, digging through the archives of said foreign MMO blog, until finally you’ve reached the very first post. I admire your… Continue reading