Will Black Desert Online become a great roleplaying game? In this article, I’ll discuss some of BDO’s features which will appeal to roleplayers and lore addicts.

From Steparu’s interview with Kim Daeil of the Pearl Abyss team, this is a brief summary of the lore:

The story of Black Desert revolves around Chalpheon Republic and Valencia Kingdom battling it out for resources. Both countries are fighting because of the Black Desert which contains a lot of “Black Stones” a powerful magical stone that provides energy. The Chalpheon Republic is trying to make profit out of the stones, while Valencia Kingdom is trying to prevent it. The Black Desert is also known as the Red Desert because of the amount of bloodshed that is happening on these lands between the two countries.


There are a multitude of game features which may appeal to roleplayers in Black Desert Online.

  • Housing. The housing system of BDO is very interesting. Players can buy and sell properties within the cities. You can use your house however you wish. You can use your house as a place to hide away your valuable items. You can create a bed for your character to sleep in during the nighttime. You can hire an NPC employee to run a shop out of your house while you are off adventuring. 
  • NPC interactions. NPCs don’t simply feed you pre-fabricated lines. In BDO, you can develop relationships with NPCs which will impact their interactions with you. By treating NPCs kindly, you can cultivate a friendship, which will give you special perks. Your new friends might sell you rare items you can’t buy anywhere else, give you small gifts when you stop by for a visit, open up new quest chains for you, or even come along with you on your travels. But be careful – you can also do things to hurt their feelings, which will decrease their favour with you. Some NPCs will become jealous when you talk to other NPCs who they don’t like!
  • Relationship/marriage system. According to this Facebook post, some sort of ambiguous player-to-player relationship or marriage system will be implemented into the game. No details yet.
  • Realistic armour. This may be a small thing, but some people are really turned off by unrealistic armour (have you looked up Scarlet Blade?). The females in this game are quite reasonably dressed.
  • Day/Night cycles. You can read more about this in my World post. The world of BDO transitions gradually between day and night, over a four hour period. Many elements of the game change depending on the time of day.